Against Poverty

We are not trying to change the world, just trying to change one homeless person’s world at a time.

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Walter with Crazzy Dave in 2008

Walter with Crazzy Dave in 2008

The goal of is not to change the world, but rather to look for, and connect with one person at a time and try and help them. Homeless persons are people, with amazing life stories, many of which we can learn from.

By taking the time to connect; sitting and talking with them while they panhandle in order to find out their life stories and views on the world. Although many are mentally ill or addicted, the hope is to find that one person that just needs a boost up, or have that road block removed. We have done it before, and our aim is to do it again.

Walter vanderWindt is a contented sculptor, and fundraising is done in the summer (at the, and most of the one-on-one effort is done in the winter. Although it is not a solution, a special coat is offered that is made by homeless people for homeless people (, along with a warm meal, and some quality time connecting.

Hours are spent chit chatting, having fun, sharing stories and jokes while they panhandle. While the rest of the world walks by avoiding eye contact, they share their life experiences that get recorded and then shared on this site.

By showing a kindness to a stranger, taking a moment to care, It will show, that in your heart and soul, Humanity is there. –Crazzy Dave

Stories are written and portraits are drawn. The first portraits took two hours. The current portraits take 8-12 hours, and the goal is to get to detailed portraits that take more than 40hours. The hope is that as the art progresses, so will the awareness for the homeless.

They don’t deserve to be ignored or ill treated, and even though many cannot be helped off the streets, the goal is to give them a face, a voice, and some dignity.

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