It is often said that Leonardo drew so well because he knew about things; it is truer to say that he knew about things because he drew so well. (Sir Kenneth Clark)

So much is said in a face, a wrinkle, a crinkle a smile. The eyes tell it all, but what story can you tell when you are invisible? When I asked Theresa what she thought the people around her think of her, she replied by telling me that most just pretend she is invisible, and does not exist. “If they acknowledge that I exist, then perhaps they have to acknowledge that I need help.”

These portraits allow us to take a glimpse at ‘street people’ and allow us to see the beauty in them just like we do with any other human being. There is beauty in these weather beaten faces, and smiles with rotten teeth. If anything it makes them more human.

The first portraits took two hours. The current portraits take 8-12 hours, and the goal is to get to detailed portraits that take more than 40hours. The hope is that as the art progresses, so will the awareness for the homeless.