Everyone has a story, some are worth telling, and others are perhaps best rewritten. Certainly these stories might never have a happy ending, but none of them are ‘poor me’ stories. As I continued on this path, I was happy to see that none of the people I spoke to blamed other people, circumstance, or whined about ‘if only if’.

In many ways some of the homeless are more content than we will ever be in our ‘material world’. In thick or thin times friendships are made, but most of all I found that many have led a life of adventure that cannot be found sitting on the couch at home and watching tv.

Certainly many their stories were baffling, ludicrous and utterly insane, and so it is easily explained as to why they are living on the streets and not living like the rest of us. Simply put, they are not like the rest of us, which makes their lives that much more interesting.

I only got a small glimpse into their lives, but I hope I did their story justice.